The family owned business, Arihant Trading Co. is an independent business enterprise Founded in 1989. Arihant has evolved into a niche marketer and supplier of Speciality Chemicals in India. We are committed to open and global competition for which we stand up with our service capabilities. Traditionally, the Arihant philosophy has always been based on certain principles in order to satisfy customer needs. Quality, Consistency and Experience .
Quality can be summated as reliability of the products, trust of capability, and applicability.
Consistently we wish to convey all the necessary advantages to our customers in order that they succeed.
Experience is our asset to reach our aims. Hence, we employ well-trained, motivated employees working on an independent, self-responsible basis.

We represent world's leading Speciality chemical producers, namely, LUBRIZOL, SHIN-ETSU CHEMICAL CO., LTD., NICHIRIN/GOTOKU CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LTD., NIPPON SODA CO., LTD,PHARMATRANS to name a few.

Our product range cover applications as pharmaceutical excipients, home & personal care ingredients.

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